Green Certification

Aristocrat’s Indianapolis List For Green Certification

  • 6 solar panels for the hot water heaters
  • Low flow water valves on all sinks
  • Energy star dish machine and most kitchen equipment
  • Energy star HVAC system
  • Touchless sensors for restrooms
  • Recycle all plastic, glass and aluminum
  • Recycle all cardboard and paper
  • Used 2000 lbs of recycled glass in bar floor
  • Used recycled wood for back bar, wall panels, booths and cabinetry
  • Separated our sewer lines from everything else. We installed  a 1100 gallon grease trap.
  • All of our carryout containers will be recyclable.
  • All new certified windows
  • Natural light in kitchen plus sky lights upstairs
  • LED lighting installed in most places
  • R-38 insulation was placed in ceiling for new roofs
  • Rain water in barrels from the gutters to use in garden
  • Buying sustainable food
  • Doubling our bike rack
  • Possible composting
  • Possible wind turbines on roof to generate power
  • Possible future roof top garden for vegetables and herbs maybe even a couple of beehives

Contact our Aristocrat’s Indianapolis for any further questions.